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#322 Nginx failed to serve SSL defect closed minor
#1734 nginx failed to work with openssl-1.1.1b defect closed critical nginx-1.15
#2425 Nginx failed validate config from stdin defect closed minor
#483 Nginx failed with php5-fpm for new php frameworks defect closed major 1.5
#834 Nginx failing to ask for PEM SSL key password defect closed minor
#53 Nginx fails to accept new connection if active worker crashes somebody defect closed major
#173 nginx fails to compile with SunCC on Linux somebody defect closed minor 1.2.1
#2339 nginx fails to process "allow" statements on subsequent keepalive requests defect closed major
#2638 nginx fails to restart after upgrade or reinstall of RPM package via dnf defect new minor
#17 nginx fail to set 'fastcgi_param PATH_INFO' (mailman+fcgicrap) somebody defect closed major
#1022 Nginx graceful shutdown doesn't inform clients to close "keep-alive" connections defect closed minor
#2383 nginx grpc have bug that when the backend grpc server repsonse over 64k will timeout(http 504) defect closed minor
#1212 nginx health check for UDP defect closed major
#1490 NGINX hold request too long, and causes timeout error. defect closed major
#1851 nginx Http2 Push fails when Vary: Accept header set defect closed major
#1680 Nginx HTTP Proxy Module enhancement closed major
#1293 nginx http proxy stops sending request data after first byte of server response is received enhancement new minor
#1471 Nginx ignores proxy_read_timeout inside location context defect closed major
#1008 Nginx ignores reload defect closed minor
#758 Nginx in FastCGI mode always returns 302 http code if location header is set defect closed major
#1659 nginx intermittent delay before sending response enhancement closed minor
#2098 nginx is actively requesting VIP access, which causes mariadb to receive a large number of error logs defect closed minor
#1572 Nginx is ignoring the charset directive for CSS files defect closed minor
#2590 Nginx is not able to withstand with pwnloris DoS attack (CVE-2007-6750 and CVE-2012-5568) defect closed critical
#204 Nginx is not compiling in pentium 3 with libatomic. somebody defect closed blocker 1.3
#2047 nginx is not receiving cookies/header if many workers are spawned defect closed major
#1399 Nginx is not using environment variables https_proxy or http_proxy defect closed blocker
#2623 nginx is reporting a Status=000 on port 443 when sending large queries defect closed minor
#2186 Nginx issue for only specific url defect closed critical
#1735 Nginx js freezing defect closed critical
#1254 nginx leaks Basic Auth password through timing side channel when {PLAIN} method is used defect closed critical
#962 Nginx leaves old socket defect closed major
#753 Nginx leaves UNIX domain sockets after SIGQUIT Ruslan Ermilov <ru@…> defect closed minor
#2380 Nginx left open proxy_temp files(deleted) defect closed critical
#2655 Nginx Linux Package Repository key expiration defect closed major
#1323 nginx log folder does not have read access for group defect closed minor
#1845 Nginx logs POST on GET Timeouts. defect closed minor
#699 nginx logs to /var/log/nginx/error.log if syslog server is not available defect closed minor
#455 nginx makes it hard to configure ipv4/6 default cases in listen statement defect closed minor
#1426 nginx master-worker communication channel problem? defect closed major
#1479 Nginx maximum file execution 300ms defect closed major
#679 Nginx Memcached Sasl support enhancement closed minor
#996 nginx memory leak defect closed minor
#1751 nginx memory leak in ngx_event_openssl.c with patch Nikolay Morozov <n.morozov@…> defect closed major
#2001 nginx memory leak URL with large cookies and connections with long keepalive_requests defect closed major
#690 nginx + mod_security segfaults defect closed critical 1.7.9
#1403 nginx module cannot use libpcre defect closed minor
#1984 Nginx module installation issue enhancement closed blocker
#2114 nginx-module-njs dependency error thresh defect closed minor
#1167 nginx-module-xslt-1.11.8-1.el7.ngx.src.rpm corrupted thresh defect closed major 1.11
#787 Nginx not able to properly handle charater-set encoding defect closed major
#1532 nginx not build on fedora28 defect closed major
#749 Nginx not correctly cleaning fasctgi cache defect closed minor
#374 Nginx not detecting malformed percent encoding in query string defect closed minor
#1989 Nginx not displaying progressive image when in http2 defect closed critical
#1600 nginx not fully parsing config file on 400 errors defect closed minor
#1738 NGINX Not Honoring proxy_cache_background_update with Cache-Control: stale-while-revalidate Header defect reopened minor
#1372 Nginx not respecting the TTL for the resolver at the Location block with 418 http response defect closed minor
#35 nginx not strip #fragment for proxy_pass somebody defect closed minor
#1018 debian repo package inconsistent with official debian defect closed major
#259 Please differentiate stable and dev versions on download.html enhancement closed minor
#1202 nginx OSS sub-domain issue task closed minor 1.11.10
#2549 Nginx output to error.log file stops after encountering a special character in the request defect closed minor
#1125 nginx package upgrade on ubuntu 14.04 rewrites ssl config defect closed minor
#727 Nginx pass_proxy subdirectory without url decoding defect closed major
#1166 nginx periodically dropping response body for POST request defect closed major
#351 Nginx Perl: header_in('cookie') does not work in 1.4.0 Ruslan Ermilov defect closed major
#1667 Nginx [PHP] sometimes blank page sometimes Connection Refused defect closed minor
#796 is removed during reload if pid path is changed in nginx.conf but points to the same file through a symlink defect closed minor
#2299 Nginx Plus enhancement closed minor
#421 nginx plus 1.5.3 mp4 module cannot seek defect closed minor
#1213 NGINX-PLUS Installation Issue defect closed minor
#1214 NGINX-PLUS Installation Issue defect closed blocker
#1702 [NGINX Plus Openid connect]:audience check failed for array type field defect closed critical nginx-1.15
#1703 [NGINX Plus Openid Connect]: error log printing variable not value defect closed minor nginx-1.15
#2371 nginx + POST reqsuest = 408 for 0.1% of users, probably SSL related defect closed minor
#983 NGINX PROXY 0000 1204 0000 0000 0000 0300 0000 8000 defect closed major
#1492 nginx proxy + cloudflare + https = 403 Forbidden cloudflare-nginx defect closed minor 1.13
#1493 nginx proxy + cloudflare + https = 403 Forbidden cloudflare-nginx defect closed major
#2249 nginx proxy makes grpc two-way authentication fail defect closed minor
#2022 nginx proxy_next_upstream works weird defect closed minor
#388 nginx proxy pass and CROS(cross-origin resource sharing) defect closed minor 1.5
#2625 nginx proxy_pass variable DNS resolution not updated when there is another proxy_pass with same domain and without variable defect new minor
#1795 Nginx proxy serving non-existent proxy cache files defect closed critical nginx-1.17.1
#2622 nginx-quic is down defect closed blocker nginx-1.26
#2263 Nginx-Quic - Only 1 quic domain possible on udp 443 defect closed minor
#2075 nginx-quic with WordPress defect closed major
#106 Nginx realip module not working correctly with multiple x-forwarded-for headers somebody defect closed minor
#1118 Nginx refuses to allow access to WAR files defect closed critical
#750 nginx refuses to start when /var/lib/nginx (client_body_temp_path) is a symlink to not yet existing directory defect closed minor
#1457 nginx reload doen't support listen interface changes defect closed minor
#1835 Nginx reload doesnt work when limit zone in nginx.conf is changed defect closed critical
#1153 Nginx reload hang defect closed major
#2387 nginx reloads spawn multiple processes for 3rd party modules defect closed major
#2528 nginx reload with quic reuseport: quic packet rejected rc:-1 defect new minor
#2314 Nginx repo for centos 6 is not working 82a6e.....-other.sqlite.bz2 fiel is missing. task closed major
#397 nginx repomd.xml 404 Not Found defect closed major
#594 nginx.repo.RHEL7 defect closed minor
#2063 nginx reports seemingly incorrect “upstream split a header line in FastCGI records” defect closed minor
#2601 NGINX Repositories are down - 404 task closed blocker nginx-1.26
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