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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#591 Windows nginx-1.7.3 build does not start defect closed minor
#535 Windows Distribution Vulnerable Due to OpenSSL Bug defect closed major
#1390 Windows compile http_v2_module on download page enhancement closed minor
#1391 Windows compile 64-bit on download page enhancement closed minor
#534 windows Binary openssl-1.0.1f defect closed critical
#593 Windows Access & Error Logs Not Updating File Modification Time defect closed minor
#457 Win32: ngx_utf8_to_utf16 doesn't allow file names outside U+FFFF defect closed minor
#458 Win32: autoindex module doesn't support Unicode names defect closed minor
#1859 wildcard support in map used for stream? defect closed minor
#1224 Wildcard in server_name defect closed major
#1868 wildcard include failing with FormatMessage() error:(15100) defect closed minor
#592 Why write nginx version on stderr? defect closed minor 1.6.1
#1486 Why proxy_pass is changing the URL when I am pointing it to an external domain? defect closed minor
#2443 why ngx_clone_listening? defect closed minor
#2338 why nginx output status 200 in access.log when client get unexpected data length defect closed minor
#2197 why keepalive conf store in server conf? defect closed minor
#2474 Why is the rewritten uri not validated? defect closed minor nginx-1.23.4
#1996 Why is there no Restart=on-failure in systemd unit defect closed minor
#2028 Why is it not possible to cache PUT requests (proxy_cache_methods)? enhancement closed minor
#404 while loging errors, nginx does not interpolate ${host} defect closed major
#2317 Whether after an upstream failure request may be repeated to the same upstream defect closed minor
#1852 when will Nginx support HTTP/3 ? defect closed major
#223 when using proxy_buffer_size 0 instead proxy_buffering off gives bad gateway somebody defect closed major
#1298 when use nginx stream module to proxy UDP traffic, one connection connect to nginx, but nginx will create one new socket to send every UDP packet enhancement closed major
#1576 When the file is overwritten by the COPY method under the following conditions, content of copied file is not correct. defect closed minor
#1577 When the file is moved to the directory that the disk is different by the MOVE method under the following conditions, content of moved file is not correct. defect closed minor
#945 when setting master_process off, nginx segmentation fault when sent mutiple HUP singals defect closed minor
#285 When "satisfy any" is set the unauth access_code (401) should not be overriden by forbidden (403) access_code defect closed major
#2484 When reuseport is not present with listen 443 quic, only HTTP/2 works not HTTP/3 defect closed minor nginx-1.26
#91 when resolver dont works - workers crashes somebody defect closed minor
#2066 When proxying 204 responses with a Transfer-Encoding body, the body is not decoded but the header is dropped defect closed minor
#1885 when nginx proxy to tomcat, sometimes nginx changes method(POST -> 01POST) defect closed minor
#661 when more has increased the demand defect closed minor
#2286 When I use the proxy_cache_background_update and proxy_cache_use_stale parameter, the expired cache content cannot be returned quickly. defect closed minor
#2136 When I connect http2 to one server on 80 port, then it propagates to other servers on 80 port defect closed minor
#198 when daemon=off do not create pid file somebody enhancement closed minor 1.3.5
#1508 When browser access nginx http/2 server with large cookies, nginx don't return HTTP4xx but return http/2 ENHANCE YOUR CALM error. defect closed major
#1814 What should I do about the warning: "upstream response is buffered to a temporary file"? enhancement closed minor
#1209 Weird net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR errors when http2 emabled defect closed minor
#335 Weird configuration summary for hash libs defect closed trivial
#499 WebSocket will not connect from iOS Safari if ssl_verify_client is set to "optional" defect closed major
#1566 Websockets not working for proxy_pass defect closed major
#1746 websocket response 302 error defect closed minor
#2278 Websocket Redirect port defect closed minor
#1992 Websocket over HTTP/2 support enhancement new minor
#1184 WebSocket forwarding doesn't work defect closed minor
#325 websocket doesn't work when using unix socket for proxy_pass Maxim Dounin defect closed minor 1.3
#582 WebSocket disconnection not detected by Chrome defect closed minor
#522 websocket connect failed with non default_server defect closed minor
#604 WebDAV: мелкие косяки defect closed minor
#948 Web DAV module strange behaviour when client resumes upload defect closed minor
#1433 WebDAV module didn't convert UTF8 encode url into GBK on Windows defect closed minor
#706 WebDav: issue about filename encoding defect closed major
#970 [Webdav] : Displayname entity member shouldn't be URL-encoded defect closed minor
#1606 WebAssembly doesn't work on Firefox/Chrome due to missing MIME type enhancement closed minor
#1559 ways to expose the value of client_max_body_size enhancement closed minor
#743 Warn on Google DNS resolver use, issue a notice on non-localhost use defect closed major
#1732 Warn for large request bodies enhancement new minor
#1688 want to get the socket port which use in nginx and upstream servers enhancement closed minor nginx-1.15.8
#656 Virtual locations with index defect closed minor
#156 Virtualhost randomly displaying incorrect output somebody defect closed critical
#1092 virtal host attacks: Limit Host header to CN/DNS-Name of currently used certificate defect closed major 1.11.5
#1833 vim syntax highlighting defect closed minor
#2141 Vim syntax file uses `hi link` instead of `hi def link` defect closed minor
#2276 VIM syntax file errors with vim 8 defect closed minor
#949 Very intermittent 400 errors defect closed minor
#2337 Version disclosure when server_tokens is set off defect closed minor nginx-1.21
#2631 version 1.25.5 virtual servers regexp variable is not available defect closed critical
#1007 Version 1.10.0->1.10.1 config with alias with versioning failed to work defect closed blocker
#1181 "Vary: X-Forwarded-Proto" should be removed enhancement closed major
#875 Vary Header Duplicate defect closed minor
#2167 variable support in proxy_protocol stream module enhancement new minor
#586 variable support for client_max_body_size enhancement new minor
#833 Variables on proxy_pass set incorrect request defect closed minor
#2259 Variables in proxy_pass url lead to unresovable host if host is only defined in /etc/hosts defect closed major nginx-1.21
#57 variables in error_log don't work somebody defect closed minor
#2453 Variables in different contexts are mixed together defect closed minor
#800 Variable $server_protocol is empty on HTTP2 Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed major
#2533 Variables does not work in error_log and ssl_certificate defect closed minor
#663 Variable interpolation inside Map directive enhancement closed minor
#230 Values of $date_local and $date_gmt variables depend on SSI turned on/off somebody defect closed minor
#369 Valgrind warning for using unititialised bytes when writing cache file Maxim Dounin defect closed minor
#410 Valgrind falsepositive with ngx_string length 0 defect closed minor
#1858 uWSGI params Content length issue when uploading file defect closed minor nginx-1.17
#38 uwsgi module cannot distinct between http/https session somebody defect closed minor
#1241 Using uninitialized variable warning in SSI module defect closed minor
#2550 Using the 'sudo ./nginx -t' command results in the issue of the ownership of the 'proxy_temp' and other temporary folders being changed. defect closed major
#143 Using fastcgi_split_path_info to populate PATH_TRANSLATED should comply with CGI 1.1 spec somebody defect closed major
#2128 Using a variable in the resolver directive enhancement closed minor
#2055 Using addition_filter and changing the added file: still returning "304 Not Modified" defect closed minor
#1629 use variable in for proxy_ssl in stream module enhancement new minor
#622 Use upstream headers in proxy_pass and proxy_cache_key defect closed minor
#1151 Use sched_getaffinity() and CPU_COUNT() for ngx_ncpu on Linux enhancement new minor
#361 user directive is honored incorrectly in nginx.conf defect closed minor
#253 Use of samba and open_file_cache, cause file locks and deleted files somebody defect closed minor
#858 Use of PROXY protocol return HTTP 400 error defect closed minor
#1972 Use of IRIs in redirect responses causes nginx to violate HTTP RFCs defect closed minor
#1602 use nginx stream module,use mutil worker_processes and UDP packet will be loss defect closed major
#989 Use monotonic time for event handlers enhancement closed minor
#1741 Use IP_FREEBIND? enhancement closed minor
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