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#2543 wrong "host" header when using upstreams defect closed minor
#2544 Cores on nginx-quiche while running curl command defect closed critical
#2545 TLS "Close Notify" warning defect closed minor
#2549 Nginx output to error.log file stops after encountering a special character in the request defect closed minor
#2550 Using the 'sudo ./nginx -t' command results in the issue of the ownership of the 'proxy_temp' and other temporary folders being changed. defect closed major
#2551 HTTP3 Reverse Proxy does not pass on Host Header defect closed minor
#2553 Nginx Allows any server_version starting with the number 1, HTTP/1.X defect closed major
#2555 Race when both aio threads and background subrequests are used defect closed minor
#2556 Module ABI breakage with NGINX Plus R30 P1 defect closed minor
#2557 Odd STALE reponse under long run stability test defect closed minor
#2558 Memory Leak (maybe WebSocket) defect closed minor
#2559 K8S ingress rule fails to match Exact / defect closed minor
#2561 Ubuntu 23.10: no stable or mainline packages on repo task closed major
#2563 Does not respect cache-control when using proxy_cache_use_stale updating defect closed minor
#2564 nginx returns 501 when 400 is expected defect closed minor nginx-1.26
#2565 ویکی defect closed major nginx-1.26
#2566 mail_proxy_module proxy_smtp_auth not respecting AUTH capabilities of backend defect closed minor
#2569 nginx serves stale 200 page which was deleted (became 404) defect closed major
#2570 memcpy from NULL during startup defect closed minor
#2571 Start non-blocking error when using the "user" setting defect closed minor nginx-1.26
#2572 Required rpm with spec for nginx-1.25.3 defect closed minor
#2573 Nothing $http_host variable of with-http_v3_module defect closed minor
#2574 core module "ngx_http_set_etag" function doesn't set etag lowcase_key field. defect closed minor
#2581 quic: virtual host not working defect closed major nginx-1.26
#2583 possible bug in http/modules/ngx_http_limit_req_module.c defect closed minor
#2584 Deny IP doesn't work when behind multiple proxies. defect closed minor
#2585 segfault in quic defect closed major nginx-1.26
#2586 probably memory corruption and worker exiting with SIGABRT defect closed major nginx-1.26
#2587 Missing 1.24.0 stable build in RHEL repositories defect closed minor
#2588 Unable to compile Nginx with both dynamic module and ASAN at the same time defect closed minor
#2589 http write filter limit enhancement closed major nginx-1.26
#2590 Nginx is not able to withstand with pwnloris DoS attack (CVE-2007-6750 and CVE-2012-5568) defect closed critical
#2591 acil12 defect closed minor
#2592 Ports are not forwarded defect closed critical nginx-1.26
#2593 Stream proxy ptotocol header is not valid defect closed minor
#2594 Stream proxy ptotocol header is not valid defect closed major
#2595 Unexpected behaviour between ngx_http_rewrite_module and ngx_http_core_module defect closed minor
#2596 client_body_buffer_size is ignored within location context defect closed major
#2598 ngx_http_limit_req_module documentation should specify rate_limit work on millisecond basis defect closed minor
#2599 Nginx 1.24 building from source with pcre2 on Ubuntu leading to issues defect closed minor
#2601 NGINX Repositories are down - 404 task closed blocker nginx-1.26
#2602 down task closed critical nginx-1.26
#2605 NGINX + BoringSSL build error (NGINX 1.25.4 required Openssl) defect closed trivial nginx-1.26
#2606 Issues building Nginx using boringssl defect closed minor nginx-1.26
#2611 defect closed minor
#2612 Unable to build nginx with latests BoringSSL version defect closed major nginx-1.26
#2614 Memory-leak like issue happens as long as nginx keeps having long-lived gRPC stream connections defect closed critical nginx-1.27
#2616 apt upgrade fails. defect closed major
#2622 nginx-quic is down defect closed blocker nginx-1.26
#2623 nginx is reporting a Status=000 on port 443 when sending large queries defect closed minor
#2628 Facebook defect closed minor
#2629 Availability of 1.26 version due to 1.25 EOL task closed minor nginx-1.27
#2631 version 1.25.5 virtual servers regexp variable is not available defect closed critical
#2636 SIGSEGV on https access defect closed major
#2645 SSL_read bad length error when uploading large files over HTTPS defect closed minor
#2646 access_log syslog message length defect closed minor
#2651 Some QUIC connections lost domain header in nginx H3 defect closed major
#2652 Some QUIC connections lost domain header in nginx H3 defect closed major
#2654 Signature on Ubuntu Focal Repo expired. defect closed critical
#2655 Nginx Linux Package Repository key expiration defect closed major
#2659 If we use HTTP/3, then the $http_host variable becomes empty defect closed minor
#2662 Unable to clone njs 0.8.5 from hg/mercurial defect closed blocker
#2663 certificate expired defect closed minor
#2665 Nginx cannot properly process requests with a tab after the colon in a host header defect closed minor
#68 Include larger speed units for HttpLimitReqModule somebody enhancement new major
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures somebody enhancement new minor
#129 include_shell directive somebody enhancement new minor
#146 Age header for proxy_http_version 1.1 somebody enhancement new minor
#220 Feature Request - Per-server proxy_connect_timeout somebody enhancement new minor
#221 Feature Request - X-Accel header to singal if another upstream server should be attempted or not somebody enhancement new minor
#224 Args Delimiter somebody enhancement new major
#225 Please support nested if statements with SSI somebody enhancement new minor
#241 Ability to align cropped images in image_filter somebody enhancement new trivial
#267 Introduce static variables enhancement new minor
#287 Add option to enable IP_TRANSPARENT enhancement new minor
#288 Wrong REQUEST_URI when using PHP with SSI defect new minor
#314 Dynamic document roots, defaults and prescedence enhancement new minor
#318 Change response behavior when SSL client certificate won't validate enhancement new minor
#327 Add support for animated GIF to HttpImageFilterModule enhancement new minor
#360 Feature wish proxy_ignore_client_abort = force enhancement new minor
#405 Support for resumeable uploads enhancement new major
#407 Cache X-Accel-Redirect responses (from fastcgi) enhancement new minor
#417 ngx_cache_purge enhancement new minor
#426 log entire header and cookie enhancement new minor
#430 Allow variables in userid_domain enhancement new minor
#508 nginx rewrite URL decoding first encoded character in URI defect new major
#523 Information leak with automatic trailing slash redirect enhancement new minor
#525 Max connection limit too low (http_limit_conn_module) enhancement new minor
#557 autoindex_show_hidden_files (autoindex feature option to show hidden files enhancement new minor
#586 variable support for client_max_body_size enhancement new minor
#606 lower log level of ngx_http_access_module forbidden access enhancement new minor
#609 Apply xslt-html-parser patch to http_xslt_module (used by Diazo) enhancement new minor
#617 Add secondary groups configuration option in nginx user conf directive enhancement new minor
#632 option to send the access log to stdout enhancement new minor
#633 limit_except causes 404 defect new minor
#640 enable usage of $ in variable enhancement new major
#658 Implement new type of "resolver" -- "system" [for Docker usage] enhancement new minor
#689 ngx_http_referer_module issue enhancement new major
#692 Introduce variable to get SSL cipher bits of current connection enhancement new minor
#697 Couldn't produce multiple error log items from FastCGI enhancement new minor
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