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#1045 sub_filter not able to create directories (or files) on windows 7 defect closed minor
#1046 ngx_http_gzip_filter_module is leaking defect closed major
#1047 listening unix sockets not removed on graceful shutdown defect closed minor
#1048 broken header xxxx while reading PROXY protocol defect closed critical
#1050 Fucking disable your fucking client certificate requests! defect closed minor
#1051 Problem with access_log whose names contain variables! defect closed major
#1052 Invalid time value var for proxy_cache_valid defect closed minor
#1053 socket regression from 1.7.4 defect closed minor
#1054 Redhat 7 x86_64 repomd.xml is outdated defect closed minor
#1055 Allow to configure ssl_ciphers in multiple lines enhancement new minor
#1056 Maximum Content-Length value defect closed minor
#1057 Google QUIC - statement enhancement closed major
#1058 недокументированный редирект? defect accepted minor
#1059 syntax check error when an upstream is used in proxy_pass using both http and https and is defined after defect new minor
#1061 Can not override error page 400 defect closed minor
#1062 ASCII-8BIT encoding when it should be UTF-8? defect closed major
#1063 wrong status variable defect closed minor
#1064 NGINX DNS CACHING problem. defect closed minor
#1065 include directive with mask does not match symlinks defect closed minor
#1066 ngx_http_parse: query seperator bug (missing W3C recommended support for semicolon) enhancement closed minor
#1067 behaviour of location + proxy_pass with a variable does not match behaviour with hardcoded value defect closed minor
#1068 Support JSON log format enhancement closed minor
#1069 Wrong path to pidfile causes (harmless) error thresh defect closed minor
#1070 nginx with NJS compile error defect closed minor
#1071 space H in curl request return 400 bad request from nginx defect closed blocker
#1072 Overflow in ngx_atosz with Visual Studio 2013 in 64bit system defect closed minor
#1073 no "ssl_certificate" is defined in server listening on SSL port while SSL handshaking defect closed minor
#1074 proxy_set_header Authorization not working defect closed minor
#1075 Add german book to website task closed trivial
#1076 client_max_body_size has no effect with ssl configured defect closed blocker
#1077 [1.11.4_1] error_log location not respected defect closed minor
#1078 FastCGI stderr gets split into two lines defect closed minor
#1079 ngx_stream_log_module mismatch variable in documentation defect closed trivial
#1080 README.dynamic shows wrong include path defect closed trivial
#1081 ngx_stream_core_module proxy_pass dynamic resolve enhancement closed major
#1083 Enable gzip compression only for non "text/html" content enhancement new minor
#1084 Override previous access_log settings enhancement closed minor
#1085 multiple calls to make install from a read-only source fails to copy config files defect new minor
#1086 Connection failure on upstream health check repeatedly reports at error log level, other unhealthy peers report at info log level defect closed minor
#1087 System crashes that were solved by increasing server_names_hash_max_size defect closed major
#1088 Add variable $ssl_dhe (possible values: curve name or dh<keylength>, e.g. dh3072 etc.) enhancement closed minor
#1090 try_files with map variable works differently in 1.10.x and 1.11.x defect closed minor
#1091 Add missing client certificate field variables enhancement new minor
#1093 Support http_429 in *_cache_use_stale enhancement closed minor
#1094 CRL check for Estonian ID cards fails defect closed major
#1095 nginx crashed defect closed minor
#1096 dav_access user:r is not respected defect closed minor
#1097 Nginx worker process exited on signal 11 defect closed major
#1099 proxy_http_version 1.1 is ignored for incoming https request defect closed critical
#1100 Socket leakage after ngx_http_read_client_request_body defect closed minor
#1101 nginx does not respond to SIGHUP/SIGUSR2 defect closed major
#1102 keepalive_requests is not supported for HTTP/2 connections defect closed minor
#1103 return code can not use customization setting defect closed minor
#1104 . (dot) is not allow for syslog tag enhancement new minor
#1105 Unknown directive "init_by_lua" defect closed major
#1106 Stale workers not exiting after reload (with HTTP/2 long poll requests) Valentin Bartenev <vbart@…> defect closed minor
#1107 Nginx config test dose not fail when config is invalid resulting in a running but none functional server defect closed major
#1108 Module ngx_http_dav_module MOVE and COPY method not working defect closed minor
#1110 ngx_headers_more module no longer working defect closed minor
#1111 $date_gmt date/time format obsolete enhancement closed minor
#1112 invalid $host with one line muli domain server_name defect closed minor
#1113 root variable in location reset to default value (/usr/share/nginx/html) when using rewrite in this location defect closed minor
#1114 New variable suggestion (Date/Time) enhancement new minor
#1115 Skeleton for dynamic module's config file shows invalid example defect closed major
#1116 sub_filter and addition - bug defect closed major
#1117 ngx_http_v2_module documentation says HTTP/2 is experimental enhancement closed minor
#1118 Nginx refuses to allow access to WAR files defect closed critical
#1120 ngx_http_redis doesn't support redis AUTH enhancement closed minor
#1121 Unexpected listen directive behaviour when 'listen PORT' and 'listen IP:PORT' are used in configuration simultaneously. defect closed minor
#1122 nginx appears to ignore add_header when 404 handling (possibly rewrite-based) happens? defect closed minor
#1123 Include timezone in error logs enhancement closed minor
#1124 4** pages cache don't appear in file cache defect closed major
#1125 nginx package upgrade on ubuntu 14.04 rewrites ssl config defect closed minor
#1126 No error logged when hitting upstream connect timeout over HTTPS defect closed minor
#1127 set_real_ip_from not working in 1.10.x defect closed minor
#1128 HTTP/2 with ngx_http_auth_request_module causes some JSON payloads to become malformed. defect closed major
#1130 GeoIP module does not work on 1.10.2 defect closed minor
#1131 No error about wrong config defect closed minor
#1132 preread post request body not returned for h2 defect closed major
#1133 ngx_http_limit_req_module . When zone storage is exhausted, all the request woud not be limited. defect closed minor
#1134 CVE-2016-1247 enhancement new major
#1135 Connections timing out after upgrading to 1.10.2 defect closed critical
#1136 `ngx_stream_proxy_process_connection` does not terminate udp session correctly with param `proxy_responses` defect closed minor
#1137 Default cipherlist contains HTTP/2 blacklisted ciphers (in first position) defect closed minor
#1139 Продвижение HTTPS и HTTP2 через автоматическую установку сертификатов enhancement closed minor
#1140 ssi module ignores "default" parameter of echo defect closed minor
#1141 duplicate "60394" address and port pair in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf defect closed critical
#1142 Location vars fails when use map variable in try_files defect closed major
#1143 http2 and auth_request corrupts first 32 bytes of POST request bodies longer than 8192 bytes defect closed major
#1144 BUG - cannot include files with * mask on windows server 2012r2 defect closed minor
#1145 Can't set redirection port to the port from the "Host" request header field enhancement new minor
#1146 large stderr freeze request defect closed minor
#1147 RPM: Conflict with EPEL package defect closed minor
#1148 Respond to any domain\port is present on server and nginx config. defect closed minor
#1151 Use sched_getaffinity() and CPU_COUNT() for ngx_ncpu on Linux enhancement new minor
#1152 Custom error_page doesn't work for HTTP error 413 defect reopened minor
#1153 Nginx reload hang defect closed major
#1154 Passing URG flag via nginx enhancement new minor
#1155 upstream definition not working in nginx for windows defect closed minor
#1156 Directive access_log needs parameter combined when using with parameter if defect closed minor
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