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#2551 HTTP3 Reverse Proxy does not pass on Host Header defect closed minor
#2374 HTTP3 sent too much body data to upstream when use POST request Roman Arutyunyan defect closed minor
#2582 HTTP3 working with curl but not in Browser defect new major nginx-1.27
#1353 http and stream on the same "listen" should conflict enhancement new minor
#119 http auth accepts any password with correct prefix somebody defect closed minor
#819 http auth digest new fork defect closed minor 1.9.6
#984 http auth: Incorrect actions order defect closed minor
#255 HttpAutoindexModule fails to align collumns correctly when special characters are used somebody defect closed trivial
#100 http_geoip_module should support requests from proxies Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor
#76 HttpLimitReq not working somebody defect closed minor
#1783 --http-log-path and --error-log-path don't properly support passing syslog paths defect closed minor
#470 http_mp4_module is not seeking defect closed major
#475 http_mp4_module seeking problem: "start time is out mp4 stts samples" Roman Arutyunyan defect closed minor
#350 http proxy module: wrong Content-Length shared between main request and subrequests defect closed minor
#277 HttpRealipModule doesn't behave as expected with duplicate headers defect closed minor
#2 HttpRealIpModule only seems to work with one trusted proxy, you can't build a list of trusted proxies as only the first one will work Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor
#2403 http request has no response, the configure with 'master_process off and listen reuseport' defect closed minor
#1185 http response header ends with \0x00\0x0d\0x0a cause 502 defect closed minor
#894 HTTP Response Header incomplete for 414 Request-URI Too Large defect closed major
#88 HttpRewriteModule - Feature Request - enhanced control structures somebody enhancement new minor
#516 HTTPS breaks on 1.4.6 defect closed minor
#2618 HTTP session is finalized early defect new blocker
#2602 down task closed critical nginx-1.26
#2600 down? defect reopened critical
#395 http_spdy_module not enabled when using --with-openssl=... enhancement closed minor
#565 https + spdy + proxy_pass + limit_conn = 503 limiting connections (1.6.0) defect closed minor
#349 HTTP_STATUS never set to YES? defect closed minor
#554 serves * ssl certificate defect closed minor
#2384 http upstream cache and slicing leaks open files defect closed minor
#296 HttpUseridModule lacks uniqueness in uid generation defect closed minor
#1316 $http_ variables only contain the first field-value defect closed minor
#2209 HTTP version 01.1 and 1.01 accepted defect closed minor
#2589 http write filter limit enhancement closed major nginx-1.26
#530 http_xslt_module always looks for libxml2/libxslt in OS locations ignoring the custom location if provided defect closed minor
#1609 I cannot configure php7.2 on the latest version of nginx defect closed minor
#2466 I can't start nginx when 'quic_bpf on' with systemd-service defect closed minor
#2104 I encountered an error when compiling nginx-quic. defect closed minor
#2485 If chrome browser has '--enable-quic --quic-version=h3-29' set as start up command line, then HTTP/3 does not work defect closed minor nginx-1.26
#745 if(false) does not work in 1.6.3 defect closed major
#295 if geoip_org bug in regxp defect closed minor
#2518 if in location with regex capture will reset numeric variable like $1 from captured group but not for named capture group defect closed minor
#1314 If I set sendfile to off, expire header never sent to client. task closed major
#79 if-modified-since etc. should be used to update cache somebody enhancement closed minor
#93 If-Modified-Since rfc compliance somebody enhancement closed minor 1.2.0
#1729 If-Modified-Since won't trigger 304 unless server send Last-Modified defect closed minor
#1313 If "return" rules are above than "expires", then "expires" stop working. task closed major
#1599 I get two strange errors with Nginx? defect closed minor
#1912 Ignore duplicate reuseport options defect closed minor
#117 ignore_invalid_headers is ignored in server context somebody defect closed minor
#2053 ignore_invalid_headers required, but only for websockets defect closed minor
#8 ignoring stale global SSL error somebody defect closed minor
#476 ignoring stale global SSL error defect closed minor
#1265 I keep getting 502 bad way error while I was configuring proxy_pass defect closed minor
#678 Image_filter don't turn the interlace bit on without resize. defect closed minor
#1015 image_filter module failure to perform image_filter_jpeg_quality step defect closed minor
#1733 "image_filter resize/crop" action replaces transparent background on black one defect closed major
#2454 image_filter resize is not working correctly with some PNG files.(nginx is changing background color) defect new minor
#61 IMAP PROXY - 64bit - an incorrect login username reaches the destination server somebody defect closed minor
#778 Immediatley expire cached responses enhancement new minor
#513 Implementation of UDT support enhancement closed minor
#116 Implement Changeset 4337 in v1.0.13 somebody enhancement closed minor 1.0.13
#159 Implement fcgi_buffering option somebody enhancement closed major
#1279 Implement FIB selection for upstream connections in proxy and stream modules. enhancement new minor
#798 Implement http_brotli_static module enhancement new major
#1170 implement keepalive timeout for upstream enhancement closed minor
#293 implement $limit_rate_after, similar to $limit_rate Maxim Dounin enhancement closed minor
#658 Implement new type of "resolver" -- "system" [for Docker usage] enhancement new minor
#1778 Implement "SSLOpenSSLConfCmd" equivalent enhancement closed minor
#1977 Implement TLS 1.3 random record padding to mitigate BREACH enhancement new minor
#1388 Implement TLS Dynamic Record Sizing (CloudFlare patch ready) enhancement new minor
#1649 Improve documentation for the location block enhancement closed minor
#2438 Improve fastcgi_cache_key documentation task accepted minor
#559 improvement proposed for ngx_http_auth_request_module enhancement closed minor
#563 improvement proposed for ngx_http_perl_module: add header_in_set enhancement closed minor
#1345 improve slice subrequest memory free enhancement closed minor
#1347 improve slice subrequest memory free enhancement closed minor
#1341 Inappropriately includes caching headers when error_page used with https://$host defect closed critical
#474 in a vhost,hostname can not be "res" defect closed minor
#567 Include a "remove" or "uninstall" section in the makefile enhancement closed minor
#254 include directive fails when included file does not contain a new line Maxim Dounin defect closed minor
#635 include directive not allowed within upstream context defect closed minor
#1065 include directive with mask does not match symlinks defect closed minor
#68 Include larger speed units for HttpLimitReqModule somebody enhancement new major
#627 include ngx_http_realip_module module into the default package distribution enhancement closed minor
#140 Include packages for 3rd-party modules in Centos/RHEL repositories somebody enhancement closed minor
#2332 Include $request_id in error.log messages enhancement new minor
#129 include_shell directive somebody enhancement new minor
#1123 Include timezone in error logs enhancement closed minor
#933 include with wildcard but non-existent parent is not detected by nginx -t defect closed minor
#2560 Inclusive language: rename default branch of official GitHub tracker repo nginx/nginx from "master" to "main"? enhancement new minor
#659 Incomplete dependencies on NGINX RPM for CentOS7 defect closed major
#1430 Inconsistency between url encoding/decoder when using proxy_cache_background_update defect closed minor
#196 Inconsistent behavior on uri's with unencoded spaces followed by H somebody defect closed minor
#1808 Inconsistent encoding in rewrites defect new minor
#1178 Inconsistent PID file paths cause systemctl timeout thresh defect closed minor
#2320 Inconsistent URL decoding with X-Accel-Redirect depending on whether the original request URL was url-encoded defect closed major
#110 Incorrect context client_max_body_size in manual somebody defect closed minor
#12 incorrect dependency for nginx app templates for debian 6.0 and 5.0 somebody defect closed blocker
#371 Incorrect documentation for proxy_intercept_errors defect closed trivial
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