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#2089 Directive "if" embeding is not allowed but not record. enhancement closed minor
#2090 proxy_pass cannot have URI part if in some situations. enhancement new minor
#2091 The description of directive "index" is inaccurate. enhancement closed minor
#2092 The description about directive "proxy_redirect" is not clear. enhancement closed minor
#2093 Directive "starttls" should not be on when use "ssl" enhancement closed minor
#2094 "proxy_protocol" parameter in directive "listen" is incompatible with "udp". enhancement closed minor
#2095 Directive "user" might not be take effect in some situations. enhancement closed minor
#2100 Expires directive does not allow to add immutable variable to Cache-Control header enhancement closed minor
#2106 How can I read Subject Alternative name from client certificate? enhancement closed major
#2115 Consider using "proxy_set_header Connection $http_connection;" in all docs and examples enhancement closed minor
#2119 Add support for Maxmind's GeoIP2 enhancement new minor
#2120 Add Support for IP2Location and IP2Proxy BIN Database enhancement new minor
#2128 Using a variable in the resolver directive enhancement closed minor
#2131 NGNIX needs root cert in the chain for Client validation. enhancement new minor
#2132 ssl_ocsp / ssl_stapling for ngx_mail_ssl_module enhancement new minor
#2134 ssl cipher logging for mail enhancement closed minor
#2135 capture negotiated ssl_curve enhancement closed minor
#2148 proxy_ssl_verify does not support iPAddress subjectAlternativeName enhancement accepted minor
#2156 file transfer speed via http is even lower than https enhancement closed minor
#2157 it would be great if module ngx_http_upstream_module could use domain name without translating to it's ip enhancement closed major
#2158 ngx_stream_core_module Add $preread_server_name from http header.HOST enhancement closed minor
#2161 Allow accessing arbitrary cookies. enhancement new minor
#2167 variable support in proxy_protocol stream module enhancement new minor
#2168 Add application/wasm -- Recently approved by IANA enhancement closed minor
#2177 Add audio/opus to mime.types enhancement closed minor
#2182 Nginx doesn't delete temp cache files after a crash enhancement new minor
#2183 Don't do simultaneous download from origin enhancement closed minor
#2188 nginx -t with many worker_processes/reuseport is expensive enhancement closed minor
#2190 Feature request: ssl_prefer_server_ciphers exception option for TLSv1.3? enhancement closed trivial
#2196 resolver only ipv6 issue enhancement closed minor
#2199 Online documentation: converting rewrite rules typo enhancement new minor
#2208 time to add something like a SSLCertificateChainFile config option enhancement closed minor
#2216 Add .mjs to known JS MIME types enhancement new minor
#2217 Requesting nginx packages for Debian Bullseye thresh enhancement closed minor
#2218 Support RTMPS with non-standard ports enhancement closed minor
#2222 add_after_body concatenates (upstream proxied) gziped content with uncompressed local data enhancement new minor
#2223 Need info about Nginx cache purge enhancement closed minor
#2224 HTTP/2 in nginx does not use double-GOAWAY for graceful connection shutdown enhancement reopened minor
#2225 location-matching on undecoded paths enhancement closed minor
#2226 Please add cache compression enhancement closed minor
#2232 ngx_http_auth_basic_module does not support different passwords for the same user enhancement closed trivial
#2233 Packages for Debian Bullseye should include 32-bit x86 binaries enhancement new minor
#2235 Allow setting TLS handshake timeouts for http(/2) enhancement closed minor
#2237 get host in http stream enhancement closed major
#2246 Our QUIC implementation currently supports BoringSSL and the quictls fork of OpenSSL enhancement closed minor nginx-1.21
#2253 ngx_http_limit_req_module: incorrect work logic with minute time range interval enhancement closed minor
#2254 cache loader ignores reopen signal enhancement new minor
#2258 add_header directive: A colon added after the header name passes Nginx syntax validation and breaks the website once applied enhancement new minor
#2271 Allow to specify the ssl engine methods using a directive enhancement closed major
#2272 Docs for mp4_start_key_frame directive is missing Yaroslav Zhuravlev enhancement closed minor nginx-1.21
#2275 Support Encrypted Client Hello enhancement new minor
#2282 Add audio/x-flac to MIME types enhancement new minor
#2284 Support RFC5424 log records enhancement new major
#2297 Nginx does not provide option to read the certificate chain enhancement closed minor
#2299 Nginx Plus enhancement closed minor
#2300 Link variable index from map module docs enhancement new minor
#2301 Add examples for core variables enhancement new minor
#2331 proxy_cookie_path / proxy_cookie_domain and custom cookie fileds enhancement closed minor
#2332 Include $request_id in error.log messages enhancement new minor
#2344 Please allow to change the timezone for logs in the config file enhancement closed minor
#2345 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS builds thresh enhancement closed major
#2349 Support range requests in requests served via gzip_static enhancement closed minor
#2350 Option to have set_real_ip_from use the proxied client ip when using proxy protocol. enhancement new minor
#2351 Support reading file ETag from additional sources enhancement new minor
#2372 nginx -t does not indicate potential permissions error for SSL certificates enhancement closed minor
#2391 bad parsing of Content-Type (sub_filter_types) enhancement new minor
#2395 `proxy_pass https://example` if `upstream example { server; }` is defined, uses port `80`, not `443` per `https` enhancement new minor
#2397 no way to hide/customize the server name "nginx" when some error happens enhancement closed minor
#2400 listen on localhost can fail (sort of a docker and glibc issue, worth working around?) enhancement closed minor
#2401 Deployment on Heroku: add options to handle SIGTERM enhancement new minor
#2410 Add a doctype to autoindex HTML output enhancement accepted minor
#2414 support unknown variables when it is only used in log format enhancement closed minor
#2419 new variable is needed(the port of nginx server which sending the request to back-end) enhancement new minor
#2421 proxy_next_upstream_tries might be ignored with upstream keepalive enhancement accepted minor
#2428 Suggestion: Windows 64-bit builds enhancement closed minor
#2432 deprecate HTTP/2 Server Push and port to 103 Early Hints enhancement closed minor
#2434 Support dark mode in error pages enhancement new minor
#2440 Log new connections immediately when established enhancement closed minor
#2448 Restrict Request Response Cycle Length enhancement new minor
#2449 Allow using OpenSSL 3.0 "provider" API instead of deprecated "engine" API enhancement new minor
#2452 fastcgi_split_path_info should specify NGX_REGEX_MULTILINE enhancement closed minor
#2465 Execute system commands with njs (JavaScript) enhancement new major
#2467 In daemon mode nginx completes detaching before the service is ready enhancement closed minor
#2469 Recursively chaging ownership of nginx owned directories enhancement closed blocker nginx-1.23
#2470 Add support for the systemd directive OpenFile= for passing UNIX socket FDs to nginx enhancement closed minor nginx-1.23.4
#2477 proxy_redirect is missing feature for HTTP header "Link" enhancement new critical
#2482 * is not evaluated to :: enhancement new major
#2483 http/3 behaves differently with fastcgi_param/php variables breaks Magento admin page redirection enhancement closed minor nginx-1.26
#2486 Documentation for client_max_body_size may contain an error enhancement new minor
#2491 ssl_stapling.t test uses multiple certificates enhancement closed minor
#2505 A question about the way of rttvar calculation in QUIC enhancement closed minor
#2507 nginx cannot support provider in openssl3.0 enhancement closed major
#2508 Default enable-ktls in debian 12(bookworm) release package enhancement closed major
#2509 Support IPv6 interface identifiers outside of URLs enhancement new minor
#2522 Python distribution tools will require html5 in future versions. enhancement closed minor
#2524 ngx_http_realip_module cannot read CloudFront-Viewer-Address IPV6 header enhancement closed minor
#2546 Support RFC 8879: certificate compression enhancement new minor
#2547 Support Partitioned Cookies for load balancing according to CHIPS enhancement new minor
#2552 Correct xsl and xslt mimetypes missing from ngxinx mime.types file enhancement new minor
#2560 Inclusive language: rename default branch of official GitHub tracker repo nginx/nginx from "master" to "main"? enhancement new minor
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