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#1934 Unpredictable behaviour using proxy_cookie_path to add SameSite cookie attribute defect closed critical
#1935 Send cookie headers with HTTP2 Server Push enhancement closed minor
#1936 'set_real_ip_from' in location section is not processed before REWRITE_PHASE defect closed minor
#1937 Nginx didn't update cache anymore after ngx_http_upstream_cache_background_update is failed. defect closed major nginx-1.17
#1938 mail proxy connect issue with Outlook defect closed minor
#1939 Phrasing in doc `ngx_http_limit_req_module` Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect closed minor
#1940 NGINX CONF defect closed minor
#1941 Deprecated function in ngx_event_openssl.c when compiled with LibreSSL defect closed trivial
#1942 TLS-protocol-dependent option for ssl_prefer_server_ciphers enhancement closed minor
#1943 $arg_ variable cannot see the parameter which comes right after "?" defect closed minor
#1944 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream defect closed major nginx-1.17
#1945 Caching proxy error with large files defect closed minor
#1946 Mixed up HTTP responses when two requests with different hosts made in succession defect closed minor
#1947 Реверсный прокси не передает звук и динамическую графику defect closed critical
#1948 The directive 'ssl_protocols' is invalid ? defect closed minor
#1949 Mistype in $ssl_preread_alpn_protocols ru-doc defect closed minor
#1950 nginx/1.17.9 randomly truncating some large proxy responses defect closed major
#1951 support stream tls termination protocol detection enhancement closed major
#1952 systemd[1]: nginx.service: Failed to parse PID from file /run/ Invalid argument defect closed minor
#1953 nginx -V Website down defect closed critical
#1954 service file for CentOS 8 uses wrong variable for ExecReload defect closed minor
#1955 Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) support enhancement closed major
#1956 duplicate requests in ssl environments when favicon is enabled defect closed minor nginx-1.17
#1957 http2 window_size defect closed minor
#1959 Unexpected invalidation of embedded variables in ngx_http_ssl_module task closed minor
#1960 nginx -t tries to bind to ports enhancement closed minor
#1961 Extend gzip_static module to handle more accept-encodings enhancement closed minor
#1962 proxy_hide_header don't work, why? defect closed minor
#1963 Documentation does not mention important info about named locations at try_files defect closed minor
#1964 Bugs in compiling nginx with OpenSSL 3.0 Alpha1 defect closed major
#1966 MKCOL refuses creation without trailing slash defect closed minor
#1967 Cannot use different SSL protocols in different server blocks defect closed major
#1968 Cannot use different SSL protocols in different server blocks defect closed major
#1969 ssl_ecdh_curve avoid 0-RTT defect closed major
#1970 ssl_ecdh_curve avoid 0-RTT defect closed major
#1971 Invalid 200 (OK) response code to range request defect closed minor
#1972 Use of IRIs in redirect responses causes nginx to violate HTTP RFCs defect closed minor
#1973 Intermittent form body loss with concurrent HTTP2 POST requests defect closed minor
#1974 Custom variable not written to access_log when nginx.status is 400 defect closed minor
#1975 Certificates in ssl_trusted_certificate doesn't have to be CA, docs say otherwise defect closed minor
#1976 Nginx DNS cache issue. ngx_http_core_module valid config is not working. defect closed major
#1978 Logging real client IP on invalid request enhancement closed minor
#1979 listen 80 http2; combined with proxy_pass http:// brakes website defect closed minor
#1980 custom 401 error_page with auth_basic never shows the custom 401 page defect closed minor
#1981 no logging of HTTP/1.x requests to a plain text HTTP/2 listening socket defect closed minor
#1982 Zero length UDP packets aren't forwarded to upstreams but a lack of response is still counted as an upstream failure defect closed minor
#1983 nginx.service unit-file in rpm (CentOS 7,8) defect closed minor
#1984 Nginx module installation issue enhancement closed blocker
#1985 No header response in 400 Bad Request defect closed major unit-1.18
#1986 Proxy SSL Verify task closed major
#1987 underscores_in_headers directive seems to be specific to each server block defect closed minor
#1988 nginx: [emerg] too long parameter, probably missing terminating "'" character defect closed blocker
#1989 Nginx not displaying progressive image when in http2 defect closed critical
#1990 proxy_cache_min_uses not counted per variant on initial requests enhancement closed minor
#1991 Empty response of nginx with ngx_http_perl_module defect closed minor
#1993 --with-ld-opt fails with multiple options defect closed blocker
#1994 $CPPFLAGS lost and handling of C++ files broken defect closed blocker
#1995 Regular expression with Unicode property test doesn't match as expected defect closed minor
#1996 Why is there no Restart=on-failure in systemd unit defect closed minor
#1997 Error nginx: [emerg] unknown "upstream_first_byte_time" variable defect closed major
#1998 SSL Stapling not preloading OCSP answer defect closed minor
#1999 Fix webdav unable to rename folders and create folders defect closed critical
#2000 "upstream sent invalid chunked response while reading upstream" when responding a stream. defect closed major
#2001 nginx memory leak URL with large cookies and connections with long keepalive_requests defect closed major
#2002 Documentation: NGINX Open Source Alpine installation documentation uses apt-get for Step 4 rather than apk Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect closed minor
#2003 regex generated variable loses character encoding when used in proxypass rule defect closed minor
#2004 nginx temp files deleting problem defect closed minor
#2005 nginx closes connection instead of returning proper error code (like 414) when http2 is enabled and too long url is provided defect closed minor
#2006 unusual behavior when proxy_set_header Host $host defined defect closed major
#2007 HTTP2 directive from one "server" passed to another defect closed minor
#2008 699f6e55bbb4 causes request for client certificate Maxim Dounin defect closed minor
#2009 dfgdfg defect closed minor
#2011 confusing stderr message 'could not open error log file: open() "/var/log/nginx/error.log"' even if not using default error_log location defect closed minor
#2013 auth_basic cannot be overwritten from other context defect closed minor
#2014 nginx dynamic configuration reload is jittery defect closed minor
#2015 Directive 'ssl_protocols' doesn't work on server blocks defect closed minor
#2016 nginx does not percent-encode Location header properly defect closed minor
#2017 worker_connections are not enough defect closed minor
#2018 Significant amount of "zero size buf in writer t:1 r:0 f:0... 0000000000000000 0-0 while sending to client" defect closed minor
#2019 location = / is very tricky defect closed minor
#2020 Problem with statically linking Nginx defect closed trivial
#2021 try_files not always sending full $uri to proxy_pass and upstream defect closed minor
#2022 nginx proxy_next_upstream works weird defect closed minor
#2023 401 when not authenticated yet defect closed minor
#2024 Error log contains "unexpected response for" when resolver is called defect closed minor
#2025 additional headers not sent when directory index is forbidden defect closed major
#2026 Excessive attempts to reconnect when upstream connection refused defect closed major
#2027 How to add a log_format structure as a header in Nginx defect closed minor
#2028 Why is it not possible to cache PUT requests (proxy_cache_methods)? enhancement closed minor
#2029 Cache miss due to "cache file .. has too long header" when using "Vary" defect closed major
#2030 Repo Issue on Rhel 7.7 defect closed critical
#2031 gRPC connections ingressed through nginx closed with RST_STREAM error code 2 defect closed major
#2033 Error page directive forces upstream's keepalive to be closed enhancement closed minor
#2034 Can't log http2 custom header in Nginx access log enhancement closed minor
#2035 Can't get old SSL cert to work - ca md too weak defect closed minor
#2036 Can't get old SSL cert to work - ca md too weak defect closed minor
#2037 Can't get old SSL cert to work - ca md too weak defect closed minor
#2038 Can't get old SSL cert to work - ca md too weak defect closed minor
#2039 Can't get old SSL cert to work - ca md too weak defect closed minor
#2040 Can't get old SSL cert to work - ca md too weak defect closed minor
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