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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#2256 Typo in Beginner's Guide Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect closed minor
#200 typo in a freshly installed sites-enabled/default somebody defect closed trivial
#1006 two more server listen 443(ssl), none-default server's ssl_session_cache is out of work defect closed critical
#451 Turn NGX_SSL_BUFSIZE into a configuration directive enhancement closed minor
#1864 Tune documentation for ssl_session_tickets (supported RFC number) task closed minor nginx-1.17
#1090 try_files with map variable works differently in 1.10.x and 1.11.x defect closed minor
#234 try_files with if somebody defect closed minor
#752 try_files + subrequest + proxy-handler problem defect accepted minor
#1004 try_files outside of location{} triggered when no location{} matches enhancement new minor 1.11
#1404 try_files not working after if condition defect closed minor
#434 try_files not honored when in location and if + rewrite defect closed major
#2021 try_files not always sending full $uri to proxy_pass and upstream defect closed minor
#917 try_files ignores add_header at same level defect closed minor 1.9
#321 try_files & $fastcgi_path_info defect closed major
#1707 try_files doesn't work sometimes defect closed minor nginx-1.15
#1356 try_files directive and variables defect closed minor
#579 try_files and $fastcgi_path_info defect closed major
#2511 try_files and $cookie_ problem defect closed minor
#97 try_files and alias problems somebody defect accepted minor
#228 TrustWave PCI scan reports CVE-2012-1180 for version 1.2.3 somebody defect closed critical
#248 Trouble while passing POST request through proxy_pass somebody defect closed major
#27 Troubles streaming h264/aac not from the beggining somebody defect closed minor
#467 Transfer-Encoding: chunked и proxy_pass defect closed major
#384 trailing dot in server_name defect accepted minor
#1884 Trac throws an error when logging in with StackExchange defect closed minor
#702 too many open files (/dev/urandom) defect closed minor
#1169 TLS works without supplying the ssl parameter without a WARN defect closed minor
#1892 TLSv1.3 session resumption - session tickets renewing defect closed minor
#2138 TLSv1.3 Problems defect closed minor
#1942 TLS-protocol-dependent option for ssl_prefer_server_ciphers enhancement closed minor
#2501 TLS handshake fails with internal_error if signature_algorithms is not provided defect closed minor
#2269 TLS handshake errors within proxy protocol are reported with incorrect source IP defect closed minor
#1349 TLS doesn't require different IPs defect closed minor
#2545 TLS "Close Notify" warning defect closed minor
#2056 TLS ALert "close_notify" missing defect closed minor
#1711 TLS 1.3 on Windows build enhancement closed minor
#1625 TLS1.3 not available with nginx 1.15.3 and openssl 1.1.1-pre9 defect closed minor
#2073 TLS 1.3 handshake failure with ssl_reject_handshake on defect closed minor nginx-1.19
#2137 TLS1.3 defect closed minor
#2541 TLS 1.2 connection on TLS 1.3 only site defect closed major
#1267 TLS 1.0 handshake fails on upstream when TLS1.2 is enabled defect closed minor
#339 Time zone lookup needs to be cached enhancement closed major 1.5
#905 TIME_WAIT on return 444 enhancement closed minor
#2208 time to add something like a SSLCertificateChainFile config option enhancement closed minor
#1484 Timeouts when proxying to Apache and using Keepalive defect closed major
#189 timeouts break when time changes somebody defect closed minor
#2353 timeout parameters do not work at location level defect closed minor
#2064 $time_iso8601 not set or invalid value? defect closed minor
#2105 thread_pools with variable $server_name defect closed minor
#75 Thousand separators in autoindex pages somebody enhancement closed minor
#1419 The "worker process is shutting down" is running all the time, How should I do? defect closed minor 1.13
#2468 The value of variable `$http_host` will not fallback to the value of `:authority` pseudo-header when the client not providing the request header `Host` defect closed minor nginx-1.23.4
#137 The "test configuration"/" -t " option does not check files included from "sites-available" somebody defect closed major
#2084 The restriction on directive "proxy_buffers" is not complete. enhancement closed minor
#2083 The restriction on directive "fastcgi_buffers" is not complete. enhancement closed minor
#2081 The restriction on directive "alias" is not complete. enhancement closed minor
#504 the resourcenot release in time when file be truncated defect closed minor
#2088 The relationship between directive "uwsgi_busy_buffers_size" and other two directives is not recorded clearly. enhancement closed minor
#2087 The relationship between directive "scgi_busy_buffers_size" and other two directives is not recorded clearly. enhancement closed minor
#2086 The relationship between directive "proxy_busy_buffers_size" and other two directives is not recorded clearly. enhancement closed minor
#2085 The relationship between directive "fastcgi_busy_buffers_size" and other two directives is not recorded clearly. enhancement closed minor
#2082 The relationship between directive "connection_pool_size" and "large_client_header_buffers" is not recorded. enhancement closed minor
#92 The Proxy module doesn't support IPv6 back-ends Ruslan Ermilov enhancement closed minor 1.3
#995 The probable error in ngx_conf_parse (ngx_palloc?) implementation defect closed critical
#2270 The packages repo is missing newer releases defect closed major
#1872 The official nginx-module-njs-dbg deb package lacks debuginfo for the 'njs' executable Andrei Belov defect closed minor
#2214 The NGX_CHANGEBIN_SIGNAL-induced restart does not preserve the original environment variables defect closed minor
#2392 The limit_except directive's description is opaque defect closed minor
#86 the "if" directive have problems in location context somebody defect accepted minor
#957 the "http2" parameter requires ngx_http_v2_module defect closed minor
#203 The gzip module doesn't produce a useful error on wrong syntax somebody defect closed minor
#2213 The get_handler of ngx_http_variable_t is overwritten by ngx_http_regex_compile if existing defect new major
#2656 The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG ABF5BD827BD9BF62 nginx signing key <> defect new blocker
#836 the file existence check fails if permission is denied defect closed minor
#1948 The directive 'ssl_protocols' is invalid ? defect closed minor
#2091 The description of directive "index" is inaccurate. enhancement closed minor
#2092 The description about directive "proxy_redirect" is not clear. enhancement closed minor
#379 the bug of the function ngx_cpystrn() in the file of ngx_string.c defect closed major 1.5
#1771 the buffer used to send PROXY protocol header to upstream do not reused in stream module defect closed trivial
#2490 the backup upstream response inherits the response value of the previous upstream that failed. defect new minor
#761 The auth_request does not supports query string/arguments enhancement new minor
#1820 text/x-gwt-rpc post failing sometimes defect closed major
#937 Test ticket, please ignore defect closed minor
#1927 test ticket defect closed minor
#1400 test the configuration file failed in v1.12.2, but not in v1.12.1 defect closed major
#1231 Testconfig using filename doesn't test includes defect closed major
#1619 test configuration ignoring certificates andkkeys enhancement new minor
#438 Test audit enhancement closed trivial
#526 test defect closed minor
#1497 test defect closed minor
#537 TE hop header not stripped when proxying defect closed minor
#1456 .tech domain location problem defect closed minor
#1270 TCP RST with SSL and HTTP Connection:close header defect closed minor
#1291 TCP HealthCheck knocking down Nginx defect closed minor 1.13
#960 TCP connection re-use without upstream conf enhancement new major
#737 systemd service unit file ignores sysconfig environment variables enhancement closed trivial
#1567 SystemD reload swallows error messages defect closed minor
#433 Systemd PasswordAgent Support for SSL Passphrases (http_ssl_module) enhancement closed minor
#1897 Systemd is unable to read pidfile after nginx start-up due to a race-condition defect closed minor
#1952 systemd[1]: nginx.service: Failed to parse PID from file /run/ Invalid argument defect closed minor
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