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#2177 Add audio/opus to mime.types enhancement closed minor
#2178 Package for Debian 9 (stretch) defect closed minor
#2179 QUIC: multiple hosts listening on quic cause config verification fail defect closed major
#2180 Installation instructions fail on Ubuntu 16.04 thresh defect closed minor
#2181 Custom access log is not working when error occurs. defect closed major
#2183 Don't do simultaneous download from origin enhancement closed minor
#2184 ngx_http_parse_header_line defect closed minor
#2185 ngx_write_chain_to_file cannot be closed file when write error defect closed minor
#2186 Nginx issue for only specific url defect closed critical
#2187 nginx -t disrupts streamed udp traffic defect closed major
#2188 nginx -t with many worker_processes/reuseport is expensive enhancement closed minor
#2189 proxy_cache don't work with X-Accel-Redirect response from proxy defect closed major
#2190 Feature request: ssl_prefer_server_ciphers exception option for TLSv1.3? enhancement closed trivial
#2191 Nginx doesn't escape unsafe characters on proxying defect closed major
#2192 Upstream Keepalive - TCP connection to the upstream closes defect closed minor
#2193 incorrect responce code for corrupted proxied request defect closed major
#2194 1.21.0: test suite is failing defect closed minor
#2195 after upgrade to 1.21.0,it cover my nginx.conf setting / and make a new default.conf defect closed major nginx-1.21
#2196 resolver only ipv6 issue enhancement closed minor
#2197 why keepalive conf store in server conf? defect closed minor
#2198 Authorization from auth_request defect closed major
#2200 "reopen" will disable side logs defect closed minor
#2201 error cd: pkg-oss/rpm/SPECS: No such file or directory thresh defect closed minor
#2202 error cd: pkg-oss/rpm/SPECS: No such file or directory defect closed minor
#2203 error cd: pkg-oss/rpm/SPECS: No such file or directory task closed minor nginx-1.21
#2204 proxy_cache_methods DELETE defect closed major
#2205 SSL_do_handshake() failed (SSL: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number) while SSL handshaking to upstream defect closed major
#2206 Segfault at src/core/ngx_palloc.c defect closed minor
#2207 Segfault at src/core/ngx_palloc.c defect closed major
#2208 time to add something like a SSLCertificateChainFile config option enhancement closed minor
#2209 HTTP version 01.1 and 1.01 accepted defect closed minor
#2210 epoch != no-cache defect closed minor
#2211 Sendfile stalls on files larger that 2GB defect closed critical
#2212 Returns HTTP status code 502 Bad Gateway when proxy is down (proxy_pass) defect closed minor
#2214 The NGX_CHANGEBIN_SIGNAL-induced restart does not preserve the original environment variables defect closed minor
#2215 Maybe a minior bug in $request_completion code defect closed minor nginx-1.21
#2217 Requesting nginx packages for Debian Bullseye thresh enhancement closed minor
#2218 Support RTMPS with non-standard ports enhancement closed minor
#2220 2 way communication over single tcp connection defect closed minor
#2221 log_format with escape=json doesn't encode $status correctly defect closed minor
#2223 Need info about Nginx cache purge enhancement closed minor
#2225 location-matching on undecoded paths enhancement closed minor
#2226 Please add cache compression enhancement closed minor
#2227 Nginx 1.21.1 source build with static openssl fails on Freebsd12 defect closed major nginx-1.21
#2228 SSL_write() failed... defect closed minor
#2229 Grpc Upstream timeout defect closed minor
#2230 pkg-oss scripts break if 'so' included in path defect closed minor
#2231 proxy_cache_bypass sets variable defined in map defect closed minor
#2232 ngx_http_auth_basic_module does not support different passwords for the same user enhancement closed trivial
#2234 NGINX 1.19.2 TCP RST/ACK TLSv1.0 Client Hello of Tor Relay ORPort Self-Test in TCP Stream Mode defect closed minor
#2235 Allow setting TLS handshake timeouts for http(/2) enhancement closed minor
#2236 Unable to reach APT repository for thresh defect closed minor
#2237 get host in http stream enhancement closed major
#2238 Difference in ssl_verify_depth and ssl_verify_client optional_no_ca handling between 1.16 and 1.18? defect closed minor
#2239 Unterminated string result in ngx_sock_ntop() defect closed minor
#2240 little endian not set when cross compilation for little endian targets defect closed minor
#2241 Under special circumstances cause http code 400 defect closed minor
#2243 grpc_socket_keepalive on; Doesn't work defect closed minor
#2244 `listen` not working inside `include` defect closed minor
#2245 HTTP/1 Connection closed instead of keep-alive with gzip on and chunked_transfer_encoding off defect closed major
#2246 Our QUIC implementation currently supports BoringSSL and the quictls fork of OpenSSL enhancement closed minor nginx-1.21
#2247 Broken link in ngx_http_mp4_module docs defect closed minor
#2248 Stalled connection when using `aio_write on` Maxim Dounin defect closed minor
#2249 nginx proxy makes grpc two-way authentication fail defect closed minor
#2250 nginx does not response via TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 when built with OpenSSL 3.0.0 defect closed minor
#2251 "underscores_in_headers on" didn't work defect closed blocker nginx-1.21
#2252 Rate limiting rules turn chunked transfer into invalid request defect closed minor
#2253 ngx_http_limit_req_module: incorrect work logic with minute time range interval enhancement closed minor
#2255 different declaration and impementation defect closed minor nginx-1.21
#2256 Typo in Beginner's Guide Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect closed minor
#2257 Неявное разрушение всех настроек и очень странное поведение сервера defect closed minor
#2259 Variables in proxy_pass url lead to unresovable host if host is only defined in /etc/hosts defect closed major nginx-1.21
#2260 NGINX Basic Authentication Not Using SSL defect closed minor
#2261 A case of Connection: keep-alive, Upgrade defect closed blocker
#2262 In server_name directive match of counts using {x,y} causes failure in parsing configuration defect closed minor
#2263 Nginx-Quic - Only 1 quic domain possible on udp 443 defect closed minor
#2266 QUIC: cookies not transferred correctly on redirect defect closed critical
#2267 Upload large files with Firefox via http2 defect closed major
#2269 TLS handshake errors within proxy protocol are reported with incorrect source IP defect closed minor
#2270 The packages repo is missing newer releases defect closed major
#2271 Allow to specify the ssl engine methods using a directive enhancement closed major
#2272 Docs for mp4_start_key_frame directive is missing Yaroslav Zhuravlev enhancement closed minor nginx-1.21
#2273 nginx security issue - version 1.21.4 defect closed minor nginx-1.21
#2274 Serving stale content, when proxy_cache_background_update is on and Cache-Control disappears defect closed minor
#2276 VIM syntax file errors with vim 8 defect closed minor
#2277 Docker Image for v1.21.4 missing on Docker Hub thresh defect closed minor nginx-1.21
#2278 Websocket Redirect port defect closed minor
#2279 cppcheck find bug defect closed minor
#2280 nginx: [emerg] mkdir() "/var/tmp/nginx/body" failed (2: No such file or directory) defect closed major
#2281 QUIC: failed to get $http_host variable for http3 request defect closed minor
#2283 RFI on HTTP/2 connection memory usage and keepalive_requests knob defect closed minor
#2285 strange "worker_connections are not enough, reusing connections" warning defect closed minor
#2286 When I use the proxy_cache_background_update and proxy_cache_use_stale parameter, the expired cache content cannot be returned quickly. defect closed minor
#2287 fastcgi: CONTENT_LENGTH parameter missing for chunked requests defect closed minor
#2288 log safely while configuration reloading defect closed minor
#2289 QUIC: RETIRE_CONNECTION_ID with invalid DestinationConnectionId defect closed minor
#2290 nginx rewrites stop working on special get parameter defect closed minor
#2292 nginx config test cannot pass if quic_bpf is enabled defect closed major nginx-1.21
#2293 Nginx 1.20.1 excessive memory usage defect closed major
#2294 set $host url and auth_request failing on proxy_pass defect closed minor
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