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#657 $request_filename not set properly when using alias with positional capture from regex location defect closed minor
#1840 Request different accept-encoding types, caching out multiple files. What is the reason? defect closed minor
#1384 request body may be corrupted when content-length is not set in headers using http2 defect closed minor
#2399 $request_body incomplete if the request body contains NUL/control characters defect closed minor
#1745 REQ: Built-in ACME/LetsEncrypt enhancement closed minor
#2030 Repo Issue on Rhel 7.7 defect closed critical
#2200 "reopen" will disable side logs defect closed minor
#2471 reopen logs root defect closed trivial
#297 Reopen log files via kill -s USR1 PID don't work defect closed minor
#2077 rename conf files with ".sample" extension for windows package enhancement closed trivial nginx-1.19
#653 Remove SSLv3 from Default ssl_protocols behavior enhancement closed minor
#69 remote_user not being passed through to uwsgi from uwsgi_params somebody defect closed minor
#2488 $remote_addr is wrong after quic migration defect closed minor
#1591 Reload signal does not show error for failed bind defect closed minor
#856 Reload Nginx configuration file will cause Nginx can't work on Solaris11 defect closed major
#1444 Reload it does not refresh the upstrem automatic defect closed major
#573 Reloading config with differently cased proxy_set_header field name does not change field name in proxied request defect closed minor
#2365 reload increases memory used (freed memory for config is not released back to the system) defect closed major
#2411 reload correlates with "open socket ... left in connection", response absent or truncated, and no access.log entry defect closed minor
#1522 release version 1.13.13 on Friday, 13? defect closed critical 1.13
#1995 Regular expression with Unicode property test doesn't match as expected defect closed minor
#630 Regression: Blank page (zero-size response) with PHP FPM defect closed blocker
#1789 regexp rewrite rule does not recognize semicolon at end defect closed minor
#2291 Regex plus variable in Nginx `proxy_redirect` defect accepted minor
#1260 Regex Location fails resolver DNS lookup defect closed minor
#2003 regex generated variable loses character encoding when used in proxypass rule defect closed minor
#2334 regex capture with $1 not work in 1.20.0 but in 1.19.10 defect closed minor
#1504 Redirect issue when equaling $request_uri and $uri with unicode characters defect closed major
#673 Redirecting with SPDY does not work defect closed minor
#1054 Redhat 7 x86_64 repomd.xml is outdated defect closed minor
#2469 Recursively chaging ownership of nginx owned directories enhancement closed blocker nginx-1.23
#1098 realip_remote_addr overwritten defect closed minor 1.11.5
#1411 realip module using first of multiple X-Real-IP or custom headers defect closed major
#1589 realip module's effective level defect closed minor
#1201 Realip module fails if X-Forwarded-For includes port number defect closed minor
#721 readv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading upstream does not try next upstream defect closed minor
#1080 README.dynamic shows wrong include path defect closed trivial
#2252 Rate limiting rules turn chunked transfer into invalid request defect closed minor
#1834 Rate limiting does not work after 3xx redirect defect closed critical
#1205 rare crash fix defect closed minor
#693 Randomly [error] 48003#0: *1110895 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream defect closed major
#1929 Random errors with PHP-FPM defect closed minor
#2555 Race when both aio threads and background subrequests are used defect closed minor
#2153 Race in proxy_cache_background_update with proxy_cache_use_stale = updating defect closed minor
#2581 quic: virtual host not working defect closed major nginx-1.26
#2492 QUIC:The quic connection was not closed, when max_idle_timeout arrived. defect closed minor
#2289 QUIC: RETIRE_CONNECTION_ID with invalid DestinationConnectionId defect closed minor
#2446 QUIC: ngx_quic_send_new_token was broken by 3550b00d9dc8 (nginx 1.23.3) defect closed minor
#2179 QUIC: multiple hosts listening on quic cause config verification fail defect closed major
#2281 QUIC: failed to get $http_host variable for http3 request defect closed minor
#2266 QUIC: cookies not transferred correctly on redirect defect closed critical
#2479 Quic connection will be closed too early in stream prxoy mode defect closed major
#2424 quic_bpf failed defect closed minor nginx-1.23
#2517 QUIC:After sending a RESET_STREAM, nginx does not cease transmission of STREAM frames? defect closed minor nginx-1.26
#2621 QUIC ACKs could be delayed by congestion controllers defect new minor
#1640 Question on handling NGX_HTTP_CLIENT_CLOSED_REQUEST defect closed minor
#2498 Question:Capture keys on nginx-quic to decrypt QUIC pcap task closed trivial
#619 Qualys SSL Forward Secrecy validation test pass enhancement closed minor
#2641 Q:Does NGINX QUIC Support KTLS? defect new trivial
#2522 Python distribution tools will require html5 in future versions. enhancement closed minor
#1764 Purely syntactic config check? enhancement closed minor
#258 proxy_store does not always stores the requested file. defect closed minor
#683 proxy_store enhancement closed minor
#1307 proxy_ssl_verify fails with multiple upstreams defect closed blocker
#2148 proxy_ssl_verify does not support iPAddress subjectAlternativeName enhancement accepted minor
#13 Proxy SSL Verify somebody enhancement closed minor
#1986 Proxy SSL Verify task closed major
#1234 "proxy_ssl_trusted_certificate" is loaded into memory many times when defined in "http" context. enhancement closed minor
#1713 proxy_ssl_session_reuse not working with proxy_pass containing variables defect closed minor
#1364 proxy_ssl_protocols does not handle hole in version properly, or is it ? defect closed minor
#889 proxy_set_header: $remote_addr value seems inconsistent defect closed minor
#1513 proxy_set_header in Context: http, server defect closed major
#1381 'proxy_set_header Host' causes https drop in proxied redirect's Location header defect closed minor
#607 proxy_set_header drops certain headers defect closed minor
#1264 proxy_set_header directives unable to be set in condition blocks defect closed minor
#1074 proxy_set_header Authorization not working defect closed minor
#2658 proxy_set_body defect new minor
#1811 proxy server,slice+limit_rate,keepalived connection will be delayed to receive defect closed critical
#1754 Proxy request supports different Host load balancing(http+https) enhancement closed minor
#951 'proxy_request_buffering' does not work with 'http2' on nginx 1.9.14 defect closed minor
#892 'proxy_request_buffering' does not work with 'http2' enhancement closed minor
#2477 proxy_redirect is missing feature for HTTP header "Link" enhancement new critical
#2506 proxy_redirect is decoding %24 defect closed major
#1195 proxy_redirect fails to fix "location /something" redirects defect closed minor
#355 Proxy protocol support enhancement closed minor 1.5
#1206 Proxy protocol server information is not surfaced enhancement closed minor
#2094 "proxy_protocol" parameter in directive "listen" is incompatible with "udp". enhancement closed minor
#650 proxy_protocol in virtual hosts defect closed minor 1.7
#2010 Proxy protocol headers from stream module reported as broken by http module defect new minor
#1643 Proxy Protocol documentation has the wrong variables Yaroslav Zhuravlev defect closed minor
#886 proxy_protocol bug fix in version 1.8.1 broke Nginx for all vhosts defect closed critical
#1278 proxy_protocol broken with SSL defect closed major
#1608 $proxy_port is empty if proxy_pass specified using upstream defect closed minor
#1295 proxy_pass to websocket server defect closed minor
#229 proxy_pass should be able to set SNI hostname somebody enhancement closed minor
#1804 proxy_pass/proxy_redirect doesn't work if port 80 is explicitly specified defect closed minor
#748 proxy_pass not working on arm with nginx 1.6.3 defect closed minor
#2395 `proxy_pass https://example` if `upstream example { server; }` is defined, uses port `80`, not `443` per `https` enhancement new minor
#601 Proxy_pass esque directive to all endpoints in upstream block enhancement closed minor
#645 proxy_pass does not work as expected in if context defect closed minor
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