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#686 With some condition,ngx_palloc() function will alloc a illegal memory address defect closed minor
#687 Keep-alive with fastcgi not working with HEAD defect closed minor
#688 nginx 1.7.9 + passenger 4.0.53/4.0.56 фейл при компиляции defect closed major 1.7.9
#690 nginx + mod_security segfaults defect closed critical 1.7.9
#691 ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome when doing add_header defect closed minor
#693 Randomly [error] 48003#0: *1110895 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream defect closed major
#694 Cannot disable proxy_next_upstream when using hash upstream directive defect closed minor
#695 Client connection hangs when responding to error_page 497 with 444 defect closed minor
#696 host not found prevents nginx from starting defect closed major
#698 Add an option to proxy_cache_path that allows to set group permissions enhancement closed minor
#699 nginx logs to /var/log/nginx/error.log if syslog server is not available defect closed minor
#700 word "pid" could not write at all defect closed minor
#701 nginx -s stop and -s quit hang on Yosemite defect closed major
#702 too many open files (/dev/urandom) defect closed minor
#703 Official nginx Docker images use OpenSSL 1.0.1e defect closed minor
#705 Native JavaScript support enhancement closed minor
#706 WebDav: issue about filename encoding defect closed major
#707 Failure to process cookies containing a dot defect closed minor
#708 Documentation improvement: SSL chain verification with SNI support enhancement closed minor
#709 Couldn't displays the google picture completely with the latest version Nginx defect closed minor
#710 stable segfault on default Unbuntu 12.04 LTS binaries. defect closed major
#713 access_log path with variable computes path incorrectly defect closed minor
#714 Writing connection leak while SPDY enabled defect closed minor
#715 Elliptic curve detected wrongly defect closed minor
#716 400 Bad Request Client sent invalid request while reading client request line defect closed blocker 1.7
#717 Conditional logging does not work as expected - negated conditions log to more than one file defect closed minor
#718 Simultaneous xslt and gzip_static yields error 500 defect closed minor
#719 Nginx should maintain a better default cipher suite enhancement closed minor
#720 PCRE2 enhancement closed minor
#721 readv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading upstream does not try next upstream defect closed minor
#722 invalid spdy syn_reply defect closed minor 1.7.10
#723 resolver ipv6=off doesn't work with https upstreams defect closed minor
#724 Init script does not check config on reload for Ubuntu mainline packages defect closed minor
#725 spdy + return <code> "some text" = Could not parse Spdy Control Frame Header defect closed blocker 1.7.10
#726 NGINX will use least level of security for SSL with SNI enabled. defect closed major
#727 Nginx pass_proxy subdirectory without url decoding defect closed major
#728 alias lost last path character defect closed critical
#729 proxy_cache_methods is ignored defect closed minor
#730 .htpasswd and direct download defect closed minor
#731 client_body_temp_path with levels does not work in some cases. defect closed major
#732 Signed integer overflows defect closed minor
#733 wrong internal redirect using alias and try_files defect closed minor
#734 FYI off-by-one while processing request header (low/no impact?). defect closed trivial
#735 баг с Transfer-Encoding: chunked на https defect closed minor
#736 Nginx responses 412 to invalid If-Unmodified-Since request-header defect closed major
#737 systemd service unit file ignores sysconfig environment variables enhancement closed trivial
#739 init script for newrelic agent fails to find running daemon defect closed minor
#740 ssl_staping not working with WoSign SSL certificates defect closed critical
#741 default_server does not exist in nginx.vim enhancement closed minor
#742 OCSP stapling does not work at all when default_server runs with a self-signed certificate defect closed minor
#743 Warn on Google DNS resolver use, issue a notice on non-localhost use defect closed major
#744 Malformed query with 1st chunk of chunked unbuffered requests (proxy) defect closed minor
#745 if(false) does not work in 1.6.3 defect closed major
#746 Cached objects wit expires headers in the past served up with proxy_cache_revalidate defect closed minor
#747 access_log defined with a prefixing variable is concatenated with prefix defect closed minor
#748 proxy_pass not working on arm with nginx 1.6.3 defect closed minor
#749 Nginx not correctly cleaning fasctgi cache defect closed minor
#750 nginx refuses to start when /var/lib/nginx (client_body_temp_path) is a symlink to not yet existing directory defect closed minor
#751 Problems with syslog and openvpn defect closed critical
#753 Nginx leaves UNIX domain sockets after SIGQUIT Ruslan Ermilov <ru@…> defect closed minor
#754 add_header not being inherited by named location defect closed minor
#755 nginx нельзя заставить использовать только syslog defect closed minor
#757 map fails to match hostnames values - possibly following proxy_pass defect closed minor
#758 Nginx in FastCGI mode always returns 302 http code if location header is set defect closed major
#759 Build fail with custom path to PCRE, Nginx 1.8.0 defect closed critical
#760 Support for HTTP/2 enhancement closed blocker 1.9
#762 procol version integer overflow, downgrade to 0.9 defect closed minor
#763 service nginx configtest always returns zero exit code defect closed major
#764 Unable to login to this trac with Google defect closed critical
#765 should not perform consistent hash on empty string defect closed major
#766 ssl_protocols directive doesn't work in server context defect closed minor
#767 Deleted fastcgicache items are used with open_file_cache enabled defect closed major
#768 String garbling when using nested regex locations defect closed major
#769 nginx 1.9.2 breaks ssl_stapling_file Maxim Dounin defect closed major
#771 `unix:/dev/log` doesn't work for `server` argument to `(access|error)_log` defect closed minor
#773 full site https support for enhancement closed major
#776 Hang after NGX_AGAIN defect closed minor
#777 Unix sockets are not closed before shutting down the server defect closed major
#779 allow relative path to log files defect closed minor
#780 CAn not turn off logging defect closed minor
#783 syslog tag not properly included when writing to unix socket defect closed major
#784 Странное поведение внутренних переменных defect closed major
#785 SPDY not supporting domain sharding defect closed minor
#786 url decoding is senseless for proxy_pass defect closed minor
#787 Nginx not able to properly handle charater-set encoding defect closed major
#788 Segfault with dynamic upstream and many SSI includes defect closed major
#789 Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. defect closed major
#791 Segfault in sub_filter after updating to 1.9.4 defect closed critical
#792 Chrome can't establish HTTP2 connection to nginx when URL contains long query string. Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#793 HTTP/2 defaults differ from spdy/http, change of behavior with default configs. Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#794 HTTP/2 with ssl_ciphers and/or ssl_prefer_server_ciphers result into browser errors defect closed blocker
#795 nginx 1.9.5-1 with deb package can't be install on ubuntu with error defect closed minor
#796 is removed during reload if pid path is changed in nginx.conf but points to the same file through a symlink defect closed minor
#797 Error in kernel log defect closed minor
#799 return 501 if post data "_ action=_" defect closed critical
#800 Variable $server_protocol is empty on HTTP2 Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed major
#801 auth_request and PUT/POST problems defect closed minor
#802 $server_protocol is empty with the HTTP/2.0 module defect closed major
#803 proxy_pass differs in behavior if used with variable substitution enhancement closed minor
#804 Error while using Several sub_filter directives defect closed minor
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