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#428 SPDY and Proxy Cache prematurely closes connections Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed major
#437 Add Support for SPDY/3 Valentin V. Bartenev enhancement closed major
#546 ngx_http_proxy_rewrite data not null terminated but ngx_strcasestrn expects it to be Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#600 segfault in ngx_http_get_variable() Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#792 Chrome can't establish HTTP2 connection to nginx when URL contains long query string. Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#793 HTTP/2 defaults differ from spdy/http, change of behavior with default configs. Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#800 Variable $server_protocol is empty on HTTP2 Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed major
#822 Worker process crashing (exit, signal 11) Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed major
#848 HTTP2 domain redirect error with ssl_verify_client Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed major
#626 Open Socket Alerts on Reload Valentin Bartenev <vbart@…> defect closed minor
#959 Permit post before acking settings Valentin Bartenev <vbart@…> enhancement closed minor
#1106 Stale workers not exiting after reload (with HTTP/2 long poll requests) Valentin Bartenev <vbart@…> defect closed minor
#1069 Wrong path to pidfile causes (harmless) error thresh defect closed minor
#1082 rpmlint issues centos7 thresh enhancement assigned minor 1.11
#1167 nginx-module-xslt-1.11.8-1.el7.ngx.src.rpm corrupted thresh defect closed major 1.11
#1178 Inconsistent PID file paths cause systemctl timeout thresh defect closed minor
#1198 debian postrm script deletes log folder thresh enhancement closed minor
#1380 nginx does not clean up old sysvinit scripts with new version that provides systemd unit file thresh defect closed minor
#1564 Broken repomd.xml for CentOS6 i686 thresh defect closed minor
#1661 Nginx repository for ubuntu has no Release file for cosmic (18.10) thresh defect closed major
#1879 RHEL / CentOS 8 repository thresh enhancement assigned minor
#2114 nginx-module-njs dependency error thresh defect closed minor
#2180 Installation instructions fail on Ubuntu 16.04 thresh defect closed minor
#2201 error cd: pkg-oss/rpm/SPECS: No such file or directory thresh defect closed minor
#2217 Requesting nginx packages for Debian Bullseye thresh enhancement closed minor
#2236 Unable to reach APT repository for thresh defect closed minor
#2277 Docker Image for v1.21.4 missing on Docker Hub thresh defect closed minor nginx-1.21
#2303 Installation instructions for Ubuntu refer to non-existent package thresh defect closed minor
#2345 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS builds thresh enhancement closed major
#2357 Header V4 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 7bd9bf62: BAD thresh defect closed minor
#2462 fails to load after update (1.22.1+0.7.10-1~jammy) thresh defect closed major
#2512 Debian 12 install nignx warning thresh defect closed major
#1 Incorrect parsing of IPv6 literal in Host header somebody defect closed minor
#3 POSIX Semaphores can be used at Solaris somebody enhancement closed minor
#4 Bug with relative paths somebody defect closed minor
#5 Installation script fails on ArchLinux with Linux 3.0 kernel somebody defect closed minor
#6 limit_req_log_level directive not honoured somebody defect closed minor
#7 request never read by nginx somebody defect closed minor
#8 ignoring stale global SSL error somebody defect closed minor
#9 autoindex_max_name_len directive somebody enhancement closed minor
#10 // in URI is truncated to / while proxing to real server somebody defect closed critical
#11 Неожиданный отказ от кэширования. somebody defect closed critical
#12 incorrect dependency for nginx app templates for debian 6.0 and 5.0 somebody defect closed blocker
#13 Proxy SSL Verify somebody enhancement closed minor
#15 Debian pacakges failing because it is building with --with-file-aio somebody defect closed blocker
#16 Nginx 1.1.2 ssl and Feedburner somebody defect closed minor
#17 nginx fail to set 'fastcgi_param PATH_INFO' (mailman+fcgicrap) somebody defect closed major
#18 RHEL Package repo issue somebody defect closed blocker
#19 Changelog does not list 1.0.6 changes somebody defect closed minor
#20 error_page directive inconsistently applied somebody defect closed minor
#21 Incorrectly caching pages with non-cacheable Cache-Control headers somebody defect closed major
#22 Nginx 1.1.4 can't build on Debian hurd-i386 somebody enhancement closed major
#23 MP4 module fails to build under Debian hurd-i386 somebody defect closed minor
#24 nginx 1.0.7 can't be compiled with mp4_module somebody defect closed major
#25 fix ngx_utf8_decode(): it did not fully decode utf-8 symbol somebody defect closed minor
#26 feature request about upstream module somebody enhancement closed minor
#27 Troubles streaming h264/aac not from the beggining somebody defect closed minor
#28 Unable to login into Trac via Lauchpad's OpenID somebody defect closed minor
#29 Install something like Orphus to catch typos on the nginx website somebody enhancement closed minor
#31 error: Failed dependencies: is needed by nginx-1.0.5-1_WR4.1.0.0.x86_64 somebody defect closed blocker
#33 fix ngx_vslprintf(): invalid processing terminated % somebody defect closed trivial
#34 Allow rewrites in case of proxy_pass backend is configured as variable somebody enhancement closed minor
#35 nginx not strip #fragment for proxy_pass somebody defect closed minor
#36 Feature Request - Support Filtering Requests by mimetype somebody enhancement closed minor
#38 uwsgi module cannot distinct between http/https session somebody defect closed minor
#39 SSL_do_handshake failed on verified certificate chain somebody defect closed major
#41 pcre jit feature somebody enhancement closed major
#42 Add mime.type for .m4v files somebody enhancement closed trivial
#43 Config error on chunked_transfer_encoding inside if statement somebody defect closed minor
#46 Changeset 3900 st_blocks and ZFS problem somebody defect closed minor
#47 loop with backup servers and proxy_next_upstream http_404 somebody defect closed minor
#48 Cannot build nginx on OpenSolaris: builder of perl modules cannot find pcre.h somebody defect closed minor
#49 Cannot set configuration directory somebody defect closed minor
#51 nginx cache file md5 collision somebody defect closed critical
#52 urlencode/urldecode needed in rewrite and other places somebody enhancement accepted minor
#53 Nginx fails to accept new connection if active worker crashes somebody defect closed major
#54 SEGFAULT in 1.0.9 somebody defect closed major
#55 Неправильно определяется версия Opera somebody defect accepted trivial
#56 MIME type image/svg+xml for filename extension .svgz somebody enhancement closed trivial
#57 variables in error_log don't work somebody defect closed minor
#58 Worker process exists when using OPTIONS method from Delta-V (Subversion) via HTTPS somebody defect closed major
#59 xslt_filter_module - use location root as prefix path for stylesheet somebody enhancement closed minor
#60 Не работает деректива default без явного указания ip. somebody defect closed minor
#61 IMAP PROXY - 64bit - an incorrect login username reaches the destination server somebody defect closed minor
#62 Audio fails when seeking with ngx_http_mp4_module somebody defect closed minor
#63 Error while allocating somebody defect closed major
#64 Nginx discards alive upstreams and returns 502 somebody defect closed minor
#65 CFLAGS and SunPRO linkage somebody defect closed minor
#67 access_log with variables in filename does not work somebody defect closed minor
#68 Include larger speed units for HttpLimitReqModule somebody enhancement new major
#69 remote_user not being passed through to uwsgi from uwsgi_params somebody defect closed minor
#70 url not properly handled in ngx_http_internal_redirect somebody defect closed minor
#71 skip 404 process for fastcgi_intercept_errors somebody enhancement closed minor
#73 Support logging to external process (pipe) in HttpLogModule somebody enhancement closed trivial
#74 After many config reloads the nginx process dies somebody defect closed minor
#75 Thousand separators in autoindex pages somebody enhancement closed minor
#76 HttpLimitReq not working somebody defect closed minor
#77 nginx -t изредка падает с ненулевым статусом и пустым stdout/stderr somebody defect closed minor
#78 Objects are not stripped anymore somebody defect closed minor
#79 if-modified-since etc. should be used to update cache somebody enhancement closed minor
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