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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#549 unexpected multiple 206 errors on transferring file defect closed major
#551 Start Failure; Invalid Option with Map Expression in nginx.conf defect closed minor
#552 Nginx doesn't honor net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 defect closed major
#553 OCSP stapling does not work when the OCSP server has a CNAME defect closed major 1.7
#554 serves * ssl certificate defect closed minor
#555 missing fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME variable in default package conf files defect closed minor
#556 OCSP stapling not working with comodo PositiveSSL defect closed major
#560 ECDSA server certificate defect closed minor
#561 error in init.d script in Centos RPM defect closed minor
#564 map regex matching affects rewrite directive defect accepted minor
#565 https + spdy + proxy_pass + limit_conn = 503 limiting connections (1.6.0) defect closed minor
#566 SPDY bug in Nginx 1.7.0 defect closed major
#568 Possible memory leak in proxy module defect closed critical 1.7
#569 [emerg] invalid host in upstream "http://phpbackend" defect closed major 1.7
#570 Potential XSS in "400 Bad Request" response defect closed major 1.7.2
#571 Nginx treats dashes in server_name as catch-all servers defect closed major
#572 ccs openssl vuln defect closed major
#573 Reloading config with differently cased proxy_set_header field name does not change field name in proxied request defect closed minor
#576 Undefined nginx symbols in perl .o's defect closed minor
#577 30000 worker_connections are not enough defect closed major
#578 X header with underscore is not correctly parsed when put above Host: defect closed minor
#579 try_files and $fastcgi_path_info defect closed major
#580 Typo in "NGINX and NGINX Plus Admin Guide" - Web Server defect closed minor
#581 Typo in "NGINX and NGINX Plus Admin Guide" - Web Server defect closed minor
#582 WebSocket disconnection not detected by Chrome defect closed minor
#583 /bin/sh: 28: cannot create .../.openssl/ssl/man/man3/hmac.3: Too many levels of symbolic links defect closed minor
#584 nginx 1.6.0 failed to build (src/core/ngx_crypt.c: error: 'MD5_Update' is deprecated: first deprecated in OS X 10.7 [-Werror,-Wdeprecated-declarations]) defect closed blocker
#585 SSI include subrequests fails in big POST reply defect closed minor
#587 src/core/ngx_crypt.c:82:5: error: 'MD5_Init' is deprecated: first deprecated in OS X 10.7 defect closed minor
#588 POST Request with response 302 and content-length 0 crashes nginx defect closed critical
#589 url rewrite encoding issue defect closed blocker
#590 444 response violates SPDY protocol defect closed minor
#591 Windows nginx-1.7.3 build does not start defect closed minor
#592 Why write nginx version on stderr? defect closed minor 1.6.1
#593 Windows Access & Error Logs Not Updating File Modification Time defect closed minor
#594 nginx.repo.RHEL7 defect closed minor
#595 add_header replaces previous headers when included defect closed minor
#596 Условие при логировании в syslog defect closed minor
#597 Самопроизвольное отключение процессов defect closed minor
#598 ngx_proxy_protocol "broken header" error writes unescaped bytes to error log defect closed minor 1.7
#599 custom log format on default log doesn't work properly defect closed minor
#600 segfault in ngx_http_get_variable() Valentin V. Bartenev defect closed minor
#602 fastcgi_cache doesn't accept variable defect closed minor
#603 Can't get original downstream IP when using the realip module defect closed minor
#604 WebDAV: мелкие косяки defect closed minor
#607 proxy_set_header drops certain headers defect closed minor
#608 Please specify prototyping behavior for nginx.xs defect closed minor
#610 SSL parser bug while parsing SSL key/pem/crt file with BOM in windows system version defect closed minor 1.6.2
#611 alignment check breaks trailer code for ngx_freebsd_sendfile_chain.c, possibly others glebius defect closed minor
#612 multiple users can still do "accept" when "accept_mutex" is "on", in a specific scenario defect closed minor
#613 nginx+ssl crashes very often on low memory environment defect closed major
#614 nginx eats "%25" from URL defect closed minor
#616 Authenticate header on proxy pass is length-limited? defect closed minor
#618 BoringSSL nginx, worker process XXXXX exited on signal 11 defect closed critical
#620 NGINX binary for windows needs to be relinked with OpenSSL 1.0.1i defect closed major
#621 Could not allocate new session in SSL session shared cache defect closed major
#622 Use upstream headers in proxy_pass and proxy_cache_key defect closed minor
#623 IPv6 link-local addresses with zone id not usable in proxy_pass defect closed minor
#624 Nginx SPDY module not working with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1/ Windows Server 2012 defect closed major 1.6.2
#625 access_log directive: if= bug for buffered logs Sergey Kandaurov defect closed minor
#626 Open Socket Alerts on Reload Valentin Bartenev <vbart@…> defect closed minor
#629 Nginx as a reverse proxy will not pass headers that contain a period. defect closed major
#630 Regression: Blank page (zero-size response) with PHP FPM defect closed blocker
#633 limit_except causes 404 defect new minor
#634 can't redirect long length URL http -> https defect closed major
#635 include directive not allowed within upstream context defect closed minor
#636 CPU 100% nginx/1.7.6 defect closed minor
#637 "disable_symlinks" doesn't work on Windows defect closed major
#638 nginx doesn't follow file symlinks on Windows 7 defect closed minor
#639 nginx -V should output to STDOUT defect closed minor
#643 unknown directive "subs_filter" defect closed major
#644 nginx rewrite $uri not right defect reopened major
#645 proxy_pass does not work as expected in if context defect closed minor
#646 can not compile nginx-1.7.6(with epoll supported) with uclibc defect closed major
#648 Debian - Failed to fetch nginx source package defect closed major
#650 proxy_protocol in virtual hosts defect closed minor 1.7
#654 Nginx directives ignored defect closed minor
#655 access_log fails to create log file when path contains variables defect closed major
#656 Virtual locations with index defect closed minor
#657 $request_filename not set properly when using alias with positional capture from regex location defect closed minor
#659 Incomplete dependencies on NGINX RPM for CentOS7 defect closed major
#660 Documentation on `location` directive lacks info on prefix strings defect closed minor
#661 when more has increased the demand defect closed minor
#664 $upstream_http_var not able to be used in proxy_set_header defect closed minor
#665 $upstream_http_var not able to be used in proxy_set_header defect closed minor
#666 Nginx retry the failed http request not only from the servers defined inside the associated upstream, but also the upstream's name as well defect closed blocker
#668 location with spaces in URI + alias fails defect closed minor
#669 Upstream keepalive connections do not properly handle early error responses defect closed major
#670 %0a. routing bypass defect closed major
#671 X-Forwarded-For problem when using HTTPS defect closed minor
#673 Redirecting with SPDY does not work defect closed minor
#674 SSL server config without cert-file passes configtest defect closed major
#675 spdy after a single connect send data big than 65535 , last frame size is invalid defect closed minor
#676 Different ssl_protocols per server won`t work defect closed major
#677 FQDN treated as syslog tag by rsyslog defect closed minor
#678 Image_filter don't turn the interlace bit on without resize. defect closed minor
#680 bug in ngx_http_upstream_process_body_in_memory defect closed minor 1.7
#682 fastcgi problem under 42 CPU cores defect closed blocker 1.7
#684 False [warn] no "fastcgi_cache_key" for "fastcgi_cache" breaks start defect closed critical
#685 nginx doesn't build under musl due to missing 'current_salt' in 'crypt_data' struct defect closed minor
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